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Day Three (Real Life and Whole30)

I had to share that picture. I just had too! Miles/Henry is officially ADOPTED and he is officially Jared Allen’s best puppy friend forever. It’s fantastic.

Today was the first day of my Whole30 life meeting intersecting with my real life. And all I can say is OH MY GOD THE MOOD SWINGS HAVE STARTED. This Whole30 Timeline said that the Kill All The Things phase could start around now and boy, has it ever.

The day actually started out great given the fact that I had to completely change my morning routine. I usually down a cup of coffee while getting ready in the morning and eat breakfast an hour or two later at my desk while catching up on email. All of these habits are strictly Whole30-prohibited. Whole30 breakfast/meal one rules:

  1. Eat within an hour of waking. This helps your body’s hormones get into balance. You should be hungry when you wake up due to rising hormone levels (I forgot which hormone. I’m not a damn scientist, after all) and a long night without food. Your hormones should level out as you eat and are active throughout the day before tapering off before bed. This scenario can’t happen if you don’t eat at the right times to send your body the correct signals.
  2. Food, then coffee. UGH. Fine. I’ll give it a shot.
  3. No distractions while you eat. No email, no computer, no tv, etc. There goes my favorite part of my morning.

Meal One

To stick to the rules I ate breakfast at 6:15 this morning which is a real anomaly. Thankfully it was much easier to get down than the past two days which gives me hope. Today’s Meal One was leftover beef from last night over fresh arugula topped with a fried egg and avocado. I added a cup of coffee and banana. Yes, I also thought eating ground beef in the morning would be disgusting but it was actually delicious!

M1 7/15/2014

 Meal Two

First meal at work!  Grilled chicken breast, green pepper strips with sunflower butter and my all-time favorite zucchini salad. This zucchini salad... omg. You must make it immediately. Perfect for Whole30 but also amazing in real life. Just trust me. I tried not to break the rules during lunch but needed to stick around my desk so I took advantage of the time to read. Still doing great at this point in the day.

M2 7/15/2014

…And then the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Around 3:15 I was exhausted and I just didn’t want to see anyone. No apparent reason; it had been a productive, somewhat exciting day at work. But I was starting to feel hungry, and that was just the beginning. By the time I got home I was ravenous and had to snack on some berries. Went to the dog park, and this little Frenchie wouldn’t stop bothering Miles/Henry and the owner was paying zero attention to her dog (PET PEEVE – pun is accidental but I enjoy it so it stays) and I realized there was actual danger that I might smack her with heavy metal part of the leash. Needless to say it was time to leave.

Tim was getting cranky, too. We got home and couldn’t stop arguing about dinner. There was this whole thing about the dishwasher and me using up the last lemon (really, a lemon of all things) and we both realized that the Whole30 was finally starting to take its hold.

Meal Three

We made it through the wave of death stares and actually created one of my favorite meals so far. Shrimp sauteed in ghee, garlic and lemon on top of two avocado halves, steamed (from frozen – so easy) butternut squash and a small arugula salad with balsamic vinegar. The idea actually came from La Parrilla restaurant from last month’s Puerto Rico vacation.

M3 7/15/14

Additional Day Three Thoughts

  • Wow, old habits die hard. After eating lunch I immediately went searching the cube rows for a candy dish. It look me about 15 seconds to realize that oh, I’m not able to eat any after lunch candy. I quickly realized that I didn’t even really WANT any- I’ve just been so hardwired to eat it.
  • Mouthwash is my new friend. So many spices and onion and garlic in all this food. Oh, and no mints or gum are allowed. I apologize to everyone in advance.
  • People keep talking about cupcakes. I’ll leave it at that.

Energy Level: Unusually high in the morning, average afternoon/evening
Mood: Great in the morning followed by a horrible death monster feeling later on
Physical Changes: Just some murderous mood thoughts, nbd.

Some Pretty Great Links

Whole30 Timeline – Obviously. As mentioned above.

17 Struggles You Experience When You First Try To Eat Better – A much needed healthy eating mood lightener.

A Hundred Summers – My current Kindle read. It’s a bit of a fluffy “beach read” but I’m really enjoying it.


Day Two (And a Puppy Makeover)

I’d apologize for that notepad, but why bother? It’s a “sorry, not sorry” situation. Moving on…

In non-food related news, Miles got a puppy makeover today! Poor little guy came into rescue all matted (seriously, there was a stick stuck in his belly hair that we couldn’t get out. A STICK.) and looking like Chewbaccas long-lost Wookie brother. And now,he looks like a semi-naked but still cute Lhasa-Havanese mix!

This pic links to SHH website in case you're looking to foster/adopt a fluffball of your own.

This pic links to the SHH website in case you’re looking to foster/adopt a fluffball of your own. I highly encourage it.

And to make matters even better, the little guy is getting adopted. And to make it even MORE better (shhh grammar police) my PARENTS are adopting him! Woohoo! If this isn’t a foster dog adoption record I’ll be shocked. At worst it’s a personal best for us. Now, on to Day Two.

I woke up feeling way more alert this morning than I have any previous Monday in the past few months- but I’m not ready to chalk that up to changing one day of my food intake. It was likely the delicious smell coming from the kitchen… Tim’s first pre-work 6am cooking adventure!

Eating right away in the morning is still REALLY hard for me. I hate it. You could give me a pan of the world’s best brownies and if I’ve been awake for less than an hour I would gladly pass. It makes me feel nauseated and puts me in a cranky mood. I’m really hoping that eating the morning gets easier as this progresses or it’s going to be a very long month.

Meal One/Breaky

Meal One was awesome today: sweet potato hash with sunny side up eggs and a cup of black coffee. This was amazing and made me forget that I wasn’t eating carbs (THANK YOU SWEET POTATOES). This is a breakfast I will gladly make over and over and I think it will lend itself well to variations and experimentation. And I shouldn’t say thus, but it’s a meal I would likely eat in “real life”. No photo, because I can’t make an appealing-looking sunny side up egg to save my life. Click over to the original post/recipe here: Sweet Potato Hash with Fried Eggs on Nom Nom Paleo

Meal Two/Lunch

Arugula with leftover grilled chicken breast, baby cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, scallions, broccoli, carrots and avocado with a splash of balsamic. A couple macadamias and some blueberries afterward. It was pretty tasty and satisfying if not particularly exciting. I realized halfway through my meal that I was eating while on the computer. Dang, that’s going to be a tough habit to break.

M22 7/14/2014

Meal Three/Dinner

More sweet potatoes! Baked this time, with a ground beef and zucchini scramble on top, compliments of Tim. I don’t usually eat ground beef unless I’m out getting a top-notch Jucy Lucy so it felt really strange to just cook some up tonight. Also, now I really want a Jucy Lucy. From Matt’s. Wait- could I go and get a double hamburger and not eat the bun? Is that approved? Is anyone listening? Please send help immediately.

Anyways, it’s been nice to have more cooking experiences together. I don’t mind this scene one bit:

M3 7/14/2014

Day Two Thoughts

  1. Oh my god I want a snack. Where are the snacks? Can I have a snack? Seriously, all I can think about are snacks. This probably means that I haven’t found my right ratio of protein:veggies:fats in my meals yet. Or it means that the people just need snacks!
  2. I tried to consolidate my 1000+ Pinterest recipes today by moving anything Whole30 approved onto a designated board. Funny story… I only found 4 pins. That means I have approximately 996 recipes pinned that are NOT Whole30 approved. I guess I wasn’t eating as well as I thought.
  3. Everything has grains in it. Or well, all the good stuff. Ugh.
  4. Macadamia nuts are gifts from the Whole30 gods. I could eat my weight in those things.

Energy Level: Normal, I guess
Mood: Optimistic but feeling… snacky. Not sure if that’s a real mood or not.
Physical Changes: Nothing particularly notable.

Tomorrow is my first day back at work and out of my Whole30 at home bubble. I have a feeling things are about to get a lot more difficult.

Day One (and Puppy Butts)

Before I get started on our first day of the Whole30 I have to share a little bit of news. Last night our newest/third foster dog, Miles, arrived! In case you can’t tell, he is all kinds of adorable flopsy, goofy and sweet. Fostering dogs has been one of the most wonderful, rewarding things I’ve ever done and this pup is no exception.

Could also be easily mistaken for a mop.

Could also be easily mistaken for a mop.

So because life wasn’t crazy enough, Tim and I decided to start our Whole30 the day after getting Miles. I am happy with our decision to start on a Sunday. It’s a day we usually try to eat healthy, avoid alcohol and get prepped for the week. We didn’t do any meal planning in advance but did commit to cooking and eating together today. So, here’s how it went (again, not a food photographer and totally a mediocre cook):

Breakfast… aka “Meal One”

Eggs scrambled with swiss chard and bell peppers, half an avocado, a handful of cherries and a cup of black coffee.

M1 7/13/14


My second experience with chard went much better, thankfully! It’s really hard for me to eat so soon after waking up in the morning, but I was able to get through it. I was pretty hungry when lunch rolled around, so jury’s out.

Lunch… aka “Meal Two”

Cajun-spiced sautéed wild salmon, shrimp, baby spring greens with balsamic vinegar, carrots, a white nectarine and some macadamia nuts.

M2 7/13/14


Eating seafood for lunch was really strange, but I liked it! I felt full all day. I’ve also never eaten a macadamia nut, which is listed as one of the best fat sources for Whole30. Overall, this was pretty decent and completely different from what I’d usually do.

Dinner aka “Meall Three”

Grilled chicken breast, grilled bell peppers and red onion, broccoli florets and almond butter, along with a handful of green grapes.

M3 7/13/14


The grilled chicken and peppers are a staple so it was nice to have something familiar. I’ve got to say I missed our usual bbq sauce and couscous accompaniments… but it was fun trying almond butter. I really liked it!

First Day Thoughts

  1. Dang, we are going through food QUICK. It feels like we are making so much food, but I was told that could happen. In order to stay full and avoid snacking I need to have quite a large food intake. I’m starting to wonder if our food will last us a full week… which means this could get really expensive.
  2. We are spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I have mixed feelings about this aspect. I love to cook and look forward to trying new recipes and taking advantage of underutilized kitchen appliances. But how will we fare on a particularly busy day? I’m a little nervous.
  3. Meal planning = sanity. Today was way too freeform for me… I quickly felt overwhelmed. Making a daily meal plan is usually not my thing but I think it’s going to be key to success for these early weeks as  I adjust. I sat down and planned every meal for the next three days and I feel much less panicked.
  4. I’m probably going to have some major cravings. I found myself daydreaming about Sabastian Joe’s ice cream during dinner. Geeeeeeeeze.

Energy Level: Normal
Mood: Positive and optimistic
Physical Changes: Nothing yet

Overall, I’m looking forward to the next month. A little nervous about food prep time and money but I think we can do it! It will be interesting to see how sustainable this is during the work week. I need to do some additional meal/recipe research to help keep things on track.