It’s Day 30! (We Made It!)

Holy buckets, it’s DAY 30! I’ve been putting myself under a lot of completely unnecessary pressure to make this an all-encompassing, penultimate Whole30 blog post. And then I remembered that we have to do reintroduction anyways, so forget that.

Instead I’m going to follow the advice of the Whole30/Whole9 founders and make this post a celebration of my Whole30 and the wonderful things that have come from it. That’s right, a 100% positive post. Except with my expert levels of snark and sarcasm it will likely be a 90% positive post. I’m trying, really I am. Let’s go over the great things that have some of this process! And you know what’s cool? The list is LONG.

Physical Changes

  • Sleep. I’ve been saying this since week one. While not foolproof or 100% consistent, overall I am sleeping well and through the night. I wake up fairly easily in the morning and earlier than I did before. Did I morph into a complete morning person? No, but I’m closer!
  • Energy level. Like sleep, this isn’t 100% consistent but I am far more energetic throughout the day. I’m more productive, focused and feel less like being a bump on a log in front of the TV. Sure, I still do that (hello, Bachelor in Paradise is on) but it’s because I want to – not because I’m too drained to do anything else.
  • Anxiety. I’ve battled with panic attacks and anxiety since I was a teenager. Overall, my anxiety has been greatly reduced.
  • Back/neck pain. This usually goes with my anxiety; a very sore neck and upper back is how my stress manifests. This incredibly annoying pain has been virtually eradicated since Whole 30 week one.
  • Hair. This one is kind of strange. Multiple people (including my mom) have asked me if I’ve dyed my hair darker. I haven’t. It’s weird, but must be Whole30-related.
  • Nails. I usually have super brittle nails, but they’re looking pretty good now!
  • Headaches. Mine have completely subsided since the day of the pea incident. I also haven’t had any migraines– but since those tend to be tied to hormonal, stress and weather (strange, I know) factors I’m leery to chalk that up to Whole30 alone.
  • Weight loss. No – I don’t know how many pounds because I didn’t weigh myself before we started. Did I drop a dress/pant size and am I magically at my ideal weight with a 6-pack? Of course not. But my dresses/pants DO fit significantly better. I can feel the weight loss even when I’m just walking around because my body feels freer. I went back and forth about a million times trying to decide if I should post my before and after photos… but screw it. Here they are. (I didn’t start taking pics until day 5).
    Top row - Day 5, Bottom row - day 30

    Top row – Day 5, Bottom row – day 30

    Not bad, right? I know it isn’t incredibly impressive- there’s plenty of Whole30 before-and-afters that are insane transformations. I definitely ate too many starchy veggies (sweet potatoes, yum) for those kind of dramatic results. But I feel more comfortable with my own body and more confident. I can’t really ask for more.

Lifestyle Changes

  • Eating at the table. I love that we have started using our kitchen table as something other than a dumping ground. Tim and I eat as many meals as possible together at the kitchen table. Sure, it isn’t always the most exciting mealtime (we tend to have great conversations when we go out to eat) but it’s uninterrupted time together.
  • Improved kitchen skills. A huge part of Whole30 is cooking. There’s just no way to get around it with such strict guidelines. Our kitchen and some of our prep tools have never gotten so much use (I’m looking at you, food processor). It’s been awesome to improve my cooking skills – and FINALLY make a decent over easy egg.
  • Love of healthy foods. As I said in my last post, the breadth of fruits & veggies I now eat is so much larger than ever before. I was missing out on so many great things until I was essentially forced to try them. Now I look forward to veggies rather than reluctantly adding a few of the same to my plate.
  • Water. I drink SO much water now! I was never that big of a water drinker before. And even stranger… I crave super cold ice water, which I used to hate. Now I’m heading to the ice maker multiple times a day.
  • Athletic performance. While I do wish I’d worked out more during Whole30, when I did make it to class I was killing it. Seriously! I seem to have all the energy in the world and find myself reaching for heavier weights. In general, I just like being active more.
  • Appreciation & awareness. Eating well is time-consuming and expensive. I feel very fortunate to be in a situation where I am able to make healthy decisions and can afford to do so. It’s an incredible injustice that healthy eating is not possible for many due to finances and access.

Overall, I feel pretty great! Would I recommend Whole30? Absolutely. Did it completely transform my life? No. But could it still? For sure. How will my habits change now that I have more freedom? Am I REALLY free from mindless eating? Will I make good choices? TBD. There’s no time to think about that right now, because tonight I get to have some wine! More to follow over the next week on reintroduction and life post Whole30.



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