Where’s the Food?! (Pt 2)

Just a note… I’m not being paid to promote any of these products. Yes, these are honest reviews and recommendations. I just straight-up enjoy them.

During week one of my Whole30 I wrote this post about my favorite new Whole30 foods. Now that we’re kicking off week 4 (woohoo!) here are some additional can’t-live-without Whole30 finds.

Best prepared protein: Bilinski’s Chicken Sausages

Near the end of week one Tim and I both realized we were really missing sausage. There’s something about meat with the flavor turned up that leaves a void when you go without it. Initially I thought sausage was a no-go item, but after some additional research I learned that organic, natural, etc. were okay as long as the ingredient list checks out. Luckily there are some brands of sausage that don’t overprocess, use pork casings, or add extra ingredients. Cue these babies!

How I’m using it: Just heating and eating plain as my primary protein. These are SO flavorful that I don’t even miss condiments. I also plan to bring these to any grill-outs I attend during Whole30.

Where to find it: According to the Bilinski’s website the only retailer in the Minneapolis area that carries their products is Kowalski’s.

Favorite pre-Whole 30 carryover item: Applegate meats

I’ve been an Applegate fan ever since Target started carrying the brand sometime last year (don’t quote me on that timing, coworkers). Once I learned about the horrors of regular deli meat I knew I would never go back. Applegate is a little pricey, but I’ve always felt it’s worth it. In addition to their lunch meats, they sell one of the only nitrate-free bacons on the market.


How I’m using it: Pretty self-explanatory. Just as you would other bacon or lunch meats 🙂

Where to find it: My Applegate products are coming from Super Target. In the Minneapolis area their products can also be found in Lunds, Byerlys, and most co-ops.

Best mocktail: Soda Water w/ lemon and lime

Super unique and inventive, I know. But really I hadn’t realized just how good this is! And yes, there’s a ton of debate between sparkling water/seltzer/club soda. But we’ve been using Club Soda because that’s what I can find. I’m not sorry if this isn’t 100% compliant.

How I’m using it: As a straight-up substitute for alcohol. This is awesome in a low-ball glass with two ice cubes and a couple slices of citrus. I anticipate that I will have this often post-Whole30  in lieu of alcohol.

Where to find it: You can find it everywhere. But interesting to note… it’s been hard for me to find seltzer, which is technically more compliant.

Coolest Fruit That Looks Like a Monster: Figs

I had never eaten a raw fig prior to starting Whole30 and getting my first CSA produce box. I’d had figs in things and I’d heard rumblings about them being crazy-delicious. But no one told me that they look like aliens!

How I’m using it: I’ve just eaten them straight-up so far. Supposedly I should be wrapping them with prosciutto, but that stuff is crazy expensive.

Where to find it: I can’t find them at my local grocery store,  but I’m sure they’re available at upscale grocers for a premium. Mine come in my CSA box.

Can’t Live Without It: Three Way Tie for Eggs, Avocados and Sweet Potatoes

I swear these three foods at the key to Whole30 survival. When in doubt put an egg on it, an avocado in it, or throw it on top of a sweet potato/yam. My favorite days are when I eat all three of these items together. Yum.

Sweet potato 1 298x300 Sweet potato, corn, and cheese muffins

How I’m using eggs: Hard-boiling for salads or snacks, fried on top of hash or veggies, scrambled for a quick weekday breakfast.

How I’m using avocado: Any way I can. On top of eggs, salads or any random dish. As a serving vessel for shrimp. On their own because yum. Mashed and mixed in with broccoli slaw… the possibilities are endless.

How I’m using sweet potatoes: As the main veggie (baked or microwaved) with protein thrown on top. We’ve also made a mean breakfast hash with them. We’ve diced them to add to curry as well. Seriously… these are perfect for any occasion.



Whole30 Bacon Manifesto – Information on why regular bacon should be avoided, and why bacon is approved but not a free-for-all.


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