The Halfway Day (Over the Hill)

First time here? Start with this post to get caught up on what Whole30 is and why I’m blogging about it.

I’m actually not all that sure what the deal is with the term “over the hill”. Why is age 40 considered “over the hill”? I’ve decided that being over the hill in this case means it’s downhill from here in the way that riding a bike down a large hill is about 65,091 times easier than riding a bike UP a large hill. Anyways.

Yesterday was day 15, with means we are OFFICIALLY halfway done with this seemingly crazy challenge. This milestone is a pretty big relief, because everything feels so much more achievable when you’re in the second half.

Halfway Day Observations and Check In

  • The cravings are starting to subside (for the most part). I still want and miss certain foods but I no longer feel this incredible urge to run out and find them. Yes, I could go for some tacos for lunch, but my salad is pretty good too. And I’m no longer upset about having to eat it.
  • The dreams are still weird. Sometimes they are just weird dreams around random topics  and sometimes they are food-related weird dreams. Most notably my dream where I was at my parents house stuffing my mouth with as many tortilla chips as I could fit… then spit ting them out all of the lawn. Uhhh, sure, that makes sense. And my dad the Lawn Master would be thrilled I’m sure.
  • I’m getting food bored. Most plates of food we eat look like the photo below. Protein, two sides of veggies and/or fat, maybe some fruit. The meal is almost always good (that salmon was downright delicious), but I’m admittedly tired of meals composed this way. However I’m also out of drive to try a complicated recipe, so we’re kind of stuck in the middle.
  • Grocery shopping is SO easy. Produce section, meat section, a quick drive through refrigerated for some eggs and I’m done. Maybe bonus coconut oil, ghee or almond butter if we’re out. I’m also getting over the sticker shock, because I’m buying smarter and we’re wasting a lot less.
  • I could eat avocados, eggs and sweet potatoes all the time. These were my three favorite approved foods on day one and they still are today. I was told I’d get sick of eggs but it has yet to happen. This is really all I would need to make it through.
  • Yes, this has made us less social. We’ve been hanging out at home a lot. But this could be a chicken-or-the-egg scenario as we purposely picked a really socially empty 30 days for this. So is Whole30 making us unsocial, or are we doing Whole30 because we were going to be unsocial anyways? Hard to tell.

Halfway Day Physical Changes

  • Energy level and patterns have stabilized. I feel awake and great from about 6:30am-10pm with a small little tired 20-30 minutes late afternoon. This is incredibly consistent regardless of the day.
  • I have lost weight. Nope, I don’t know how much, but I can just tell from looking in the mirror and the way my clothes fit. I doubt it’s a significant number but I do feel less…. lumpy, I guess?
  • My skin has cleared up. What the heck was that about, anyways? But I wouldn’t necessarily say I’m “glowing” like other people have reported.

Well, Now What?

I guess we just keep on rolling. I need to work on making meals a little more interesting, and we need to kick up our social life a bit. Whole30 shouldn’t make us hermits, but it’s just been simpler that way. A few goals:

  • Dine out as a couple somewhere other than Chipotle
  • Learn at least 3-5 new recipes and/or cooking techniques
  • Start looking into reintroduction and consider permanent lifestyle changes

That’s all for Halfway Day, but more posts to come on favorite foods, dining out, and a cow.



3 thoughts on “The Halfway Day (Over the Hill)

  1. Doug Garnes

    One things we did around day 15 was what I call “hybrid-dining.” I will try to post a blog on it and share it when I am done. Nevertheless, find a place that you want to go, but instead of depending on the restaurant to provide you a complete Whole30 meal, bring your staples with you. For example, I brought baby kale and two avocados prepared and ready to go. I let my waiter know what we were doing and he said I was at the wrong place, but I asked him to kindly work with us.

    When our food arrived, I quickly added the necessary kale and avocado to our plates and quicker than you can say “Whole30,” our meal was compliant. Anyway, the long and the short of it was we felt human again and a lot less alienated from society… Hope that helps!


    1. Elisa Post author

      Doug, that’s a great tip – interesting response from your server! There’s so many people with dietary restrictions, allergies, medical needs etc. these days that it always shocks me when they don’t want to work with you. Look forward to the post!



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