Damnit, Peas (Apparently We Cheated)

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Peas. I don’t even really care for peas. They’re fine at best- when and if I even notice them at all. You can imagine my frustration when I discover that this stupid little green vegetable made me cheat on my Whole30.

It seemed like such an innocent evening. Tim made delicious salmon, I captained broccoli slaw with guacamole and fresh fruit. But we needed more veggies so I popped open the freezer, poured some peas in a dish and called it a night. But wait… PEAS ARE A  FREAKING LEGUME, not a bonus veggie! This was a fact that we both failed to recognize until
I was laying in bed last night wondering where in the world a terrible headache came from. Wtf, peas and your legume sneakiness?!

I can’t believe I’ve been brought down by PEAS. If I was going to cheat it would have been on one of the following: A glass of Silver Oak, a black velvet cupcake with cream cheese frosting, a Matts’ Jucy Lucy or maybe even some ice cream from Sebastian Joes. But peas? No, I will NOT “give peas a chance.”

After some agonizing, I’ve decided that I’m not starting my Whole30 over just because of some accidental peas. Because it was just that- totally accidental. We’ve been doing fantastic and I’ve been keeping us as strict as I can manage for the past 17 days. I’m not throwing that out the window now. And honestly, I’m glad this happened. Why? Because now I can confirm that Whole30 is working.

I essentially had a mini introduction experience with legumes yesterday after The Pea Incident. My energy level today was soaring- especially for a Monday- but I was having some symptoms that I couldn’t quite explain:

  • Headache, round 1. This started around 3 and continued up until I started my fitness class after work. I chalked it up to it just being a Monday.
  • Bloating. I’ve been bloat free since about day five… So what gives today?!
  • Anxiety. My physical anxiety symptoms have been super under control since starting Whole30, but today that all-too-familiar sore neck, stiff back started up.
  • Headache, round 2 as I was laying in bed and then BAM! I remembered the peas.

Sure, this could all be coincidental and not related to the peas. But that would be a very, very lucky coincidence. Particularly that my research is showing that many people react to the reintroduction of legumes with (guess what) headaches, bloating/digestive discomfort and anxiety! This is incredible to me– my own little bodily science experiment. This is proving to me that these 30 days will be worth it and can really help me make sustainable, effective changes for my future. It will be really interesting to see if these same symptoms occur when I officially reintroduce legumes after Whole30.

So, there it is. Maybe I’m a cheater. And maybe some will think I’m not dedicated for not starting over. But I’m way too proud of how far we’ve come to call it quits now.


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