Days 10, 11 and 12 (We Can Do This!)

Surprise – we’re in Mexico! That’s a pic of me tanning on a boat in front of the famous Cabo Arch.

Just kidding. I used up all my fun in the beginning of the summer, so I’ve been sending fake-cationing photos using my fingers and internet photos. But I mean supposedly thats all the rage now so it’s cool.

We’re still doing Whole30- I didn’t secretly quit after my last post. Honestly, the week has flown by and Whole30 has felt a little less challenging than it did last week. We’re officially in a groove.

While it isn’t easy to add an extra 30 mins to the morning to cook breakfast or to be constantly eating differently at an event or social engagement, this just feels more doable than it did at the start. Getting into a routine has been important, as has been finding “go to”meals that we can whip up when feeling lazy. I was getting seriously burned out trying to invent something new three times a day.

A few favorite (and embarrassingly easy) staple foods:

-Sweet potato w/ coconut oil: That’s it. Microwave the tater for 5 mins, drizzle or spread coconut oil on top.
-Ground beef sauteed with diced onion and zucchini: great on top of greens, frozen broccoli, or even a baked sweet potato.
-Eggs scrambled with greens and/or frozen bell peppers.
-Frozen shrimp sauteed with garlic, lemon juice and ghee. Best served in avocado halves.

The most important rule? When in doubt, throw an avocado on it.

As of today I’m noticing some physical changes – for better or for worse. While this risks being seriously TMI, I mainly created this blog for my own recording purposes so here it goes:

1) Sleep. This has been the most consistent and noticable change. I fall asleep quickly, sleep through the night over 50% of the time (a huge improvement from my previous 1%) and wake up pretty energized. This alone might make some of this worth it- I’ve never known what it’s like to be a great sleeper. It feels nice.

But also… holy weird dreams, Batman! Where the heck are these coming from? I won’t get into it, but this shit is really strange.

2) Skin. This is a “for worse” one. Supposedly Whole30 makes your skin glow and blah blah blah. Forget that; I’m breaking out like crazy. And I usually don’t have acne problems. I’m hoping this is a short, temporary symptom of something clearing out of my body.

3) Mommy brain? But really, I feel like I have it. Tim and I have both been super forgetful this week, which is atypical (for me in particular). Forgotten lunches, leaving my to-go coffee on the counter at home, not bringing the right paperwork to a work offsite, toilet seats up, lost keys, etc. I have no clue why this would happen but it has to be related.

4) Weight loss – maybe. Around day 5 I started to feel like I’d lost some water weight, but now this week I feel a little bloated again. Odds are I am losing some lbs but I think it will take a few days to know for sure. According to the Whole30 timeline this is typical.

5) A desire to eat healthy foods. This started today. I was daydreaming about Pizzeria Lola and what I’d order if I went there tonight. Weirdly, I didn’t want any pizza! I daydreamed about coal fired brussel sprouts and the arugula beet salad. Uhhhh cool.

We’re officially over 1/3 done with this thing AND I’ve managed not to cheat even once (that we know of). Only 18 days to go!


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