Are You Sure I Can’t Have Beer? (First Whole30 Weekend)

This was the first full weekend on Whole30, and spoiler alert: WEEKENDS ARE REALLY, REALLY DIFFICULT. But first, let’s start with the food high points.

I generally like a low-key Friday night. It usually means take out, a movie (or binge watching Orphan Black or the Americans) and a couple of beers or some wine. It’s laid back, it’s easy, and I can wear stretchy pants. All very important.

This Friday night Tim and I decided to keep our routine without the takeout or drinks. Seemed like a great opportunity to tackle our first-ever homemade red Thai curry! Curry is super great for Whole30 because it covers all your meal components in one pot: protein from the meat (chicken in this case), fat from the coconut milk and it’s full of great veggies (sweet potato, snap peas, bok choy and red bell pepper). It was also pretty easy. The hardest and most time-consuming part is just chopping the veggies.

We even made some cauliflower rice to go with it a the recommendation of a good friend. I was intrigued but skeptical – but it really did end up being a pretty good rice replacement. I think I could eventually get used to it. And it was very, very quick and easy. Just stick the cauliflower in a food processor for 30 seconds then microwave for 3 minutes. That’s it! (Here’s the “recipe” if you need something official: Cauliflower Rice by Cavegirl Court)

The finished product! (Again, I’m clearly not a food photographer.)

M3 Curry 7/18/14

You thought that was a plate of RICE, didn’t you?! Cauliflower to the rescue!

Verdict: This was almost what I wanted it to be. It looked/smelled great, the veggies were perfectly cooked… but it felt like it was missing something. That depth of flavor that I was sure would come through with the mix of the paste and coconut milk was missing (even though we used two cans of milk). After a lot of research, it appears that we should have used a better brand of red Thai chili paste – the one we have is known to be too sour. I will definitely be trying this again so I can perfect it! And it didn’t stop us from eating the whole bowl and the leftovers the next day.

Recipe here: Red Thai Curry Chicken by Eat Live Run

I also have to share our Saturday breakfast. It was so. damn. good. In the words of my husband, “Bobby Flay himself would have made this shit! The only difference is he would have drizzled it with Bobby Flay brand oils.” My husband knows I LOVE me some Bobby Flay. But really, this was OUTSTANDING.

Tim cooked up some high-quality, natural pork breakfast sausage (from a package like hamburger in the fresh meat section, not the stuff in a tube) with chopped bell peppers and jalapeños  He then seasoned it with our new favorite McCormick’s Chipotle Grill Seasoning and topped it off with sunny side up eggs and avocado. I’m freaking out over it right now and plan to eat this as often as humanly possible!

2014-07-19 10.00.52

Now, on to where shit gets real: being social on the weekend. Or how it actually plays out during Whole30- being at a social event on the weekend and acting as the odd-men out. The weirdos. The misfits. Who are slightly tired and cranky and could use a nap.

Our niece, Little BH, turns “two birthdays!” this week and had her party on Saturday. The little munchkin had the best birthday party ever: backyard playtime, walking tacos, a Minnie Mouse cake (see below, omg) and a tour of the fire station! As you can tell from the main photo, it was fun for all ages… I may have geeked out a bit during the fire station part. But in reality, both Tim and I agreed that we didn’t feel quite like our social, happy selves the whole night.

This was also the first time that Whole30 was straight-up, no-sugar-coating-it difficult. It is SO engrained in me (and I’m guess most of us) to snack and munch at a party. It sucked not to be snacking with everyone else, not partake in walking tacos and we had to skip out on cake. I mean LOOK AT THIS CAKE! Torture? Maybe.

It was chocolate inside... just to rub salt in the wound :)

We improvised for dinner by making lettuce cups full of taco meat, tomatoes, guac and salsa. We also pretty much cleaned out the veggie and fruit trays. It was fine… but tacos are MEANT To have cheese. And sour cream. And some chips. Argh.

But in truth, the hardest part is passing on the alcohol. I’m not even embarrassed to say it. Drinking is social, craft beer is delicious, and it sucked to be sitting there with a stupid La Croix instead. Tim tried his very hardest to make the case for organic vodka (well, if white potatoes are allowed, and vodka is a product of potatoes…) but it’s obviously all a no-go.

This weekend made me realize a couple of things:

  1. Screw what the book says, this IS hard. And it’s okay to feel that way.
  2. I’m even more determined to stick with it and prove that I can do this, regardless of how difficult and frustrating it can be.
  3. We’re over 1/4 done!!!!

Energy Level: Pretty high during the day, tapers around 5pm and I’m practically worthless at that point. But during the day I am super productive.
Mood: There’s some swings happening here. Crankiness right before mealtime.
Physical Changes: The sleep improvements continue! And I may be starting to drop some weight. Hard to say for sure since scales are against the rules.

Linky Dinks

Nom Nom Paleo – One of my favorite recipe blogs. Today I downloaded the iPad app for $5.99 –  way more than I usually spend on an app (thank you bday giftcard!) – but I think it’ll be worth it.


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