Days Four/Five (And Whole30 Eating at Chipotle)

PAUSE. Big announcement today: the Whole30 now allows ALL types of potatoes! This is huge! Details are on the Whole30 website. Okay, whew. Deep breaths.

I’m already getting bored of cataloging all my meals everyday, so from now on I’ll only highlight the ones that were especially good/share-worthy, unique, or somehow led to a critical learning.

Day four was a lot like day three with the exception that I didn’t want to kill everyone who crossed my path. Personally, I consider that a vast improvement. Overall it was a simple, “run of the mill” day. For Meal Three Tim grilled us up a flank steak along with some baby bok choy, green beans and pistachios. I started to feel a little fancy at this point- we never cook this well for ourselves on a random Wednesday. I’d never had bok choy before which is apparently one of the best vegetables you can eat due to it’s unique make up of compounds that are proven to reduce cancer risk. Great!

M3 7/16/14

Day 5 gets slightly more interesting because it’s the first time I’ve “dined out” since starting this whole thing.

I’ve read on many a Whole30 blog that Chipotle is a great option for dining out. Today I had a lunch-included work offsite, but the provided food was pizza. To keep myself from indulging in the very illegal, very temping pizza I decided to get myself an equally delicious, Whole30-approved lunch of my own from Chipotle.

Now, here’s the deal. A lot of these blogs are talking about how compliant Chipotle is based on the descriptions of the meat and veggies on the website. However, the majority of Chipotle’s ingredients aren’t actually compliant- surprise! IIf you go one level deeper on the  Chipotle website you can actually read the ingredient statement which details exactly what goes in to every meat, salsa, etc. Many blogs have Whole30ers ordering onions & peppers, steak, chicken, barbacoa… but these items are NOT Whole30 compliant because they are cooked with rice bran oil. Rice bran oil is obviously made from rice and bran, and rice/brand = grains and grains = NOPE. Boo 😦

Here’s what you CAN order at Chipotle during Whole30:

-Salad lettuce (no dressing!)
-Carnitas (I ordered double meat)
-Salsa- Tomatillo Green Chili
-Salsa- Tomatillo Red Chili
-Tomato salsa
….that’s all, folks.

Don't panic - that's a fresh yellow pepper that I cut up myself and threw on top.

Don’t panic – that’s a fresh yellow pepper that I cut up myself and threw on top.

If we’re being completely honest, part of me was a disappointed that I clicked into the detailed ingredient link. I LOVE the peppers/onions on my Chipotle and based on the regular website I would have been in ignorant bliss consuming them this afternoon. But I want to do this right to the very best of my ability. If I choose to eat out over the next 25 days there will be a situation where no matter how many times I check ingredients or ask questions, something unapproved could easily sneak in without my knowledge. There’s no reason to PURPOSELY feign ignorance. I would only be cheating on myself, which wouldn’t be very nice of me to me. Le sigh.

Energy Level: Relatively high and stable all day
Mood: Great! I am definitely becoming much more pleasant.
Physical Changes: This is starting to get interesting. I have been sleeping like a ROCK. This is unusual- I have never, even as a kid, been a good sleeper. I usually wake up at least a handful of times but this has not been the case since Tuesday night. Additionally, I feel less “puffy”. I’m fairly certain that I’ve lost a bit of water weight. It’s cool to see some physical effects taking place.


 Chipotle’s ingredient statement – Some of this may surprise you.

The Official Whole30 “Can I Have” Answers –  No, you cannot have rice bran oil, which is used in the majority of Chipotle’s food items.



2 thoughts on “Days Four/Five (And Whole30 Eating at Chipotle)

  1. Doug Garnes

    I found the first four or five days to be the most challenging, mostly because of the food dreams. Nevertheless, I found the absence of potatoes for 30 days to be a interesting challenge… I am glad to have a compliant starch back in my diet as it was difficult to find enough carbs to perform Crossfit five times a week.

    I will be doing my second tour this summer on the Whole30, starting August 1, but this time I will welcome potatoes back with open arms. Keep up the writing, I love reading what others are experiencing…


    1. Elisa Post author

      Doug -it’s so great to hear from others who have gone through the program! I think the addition of potatoes is a huge win, particularly to your point of having enough carbs on exercise days. Thanks for stopping by and for the support. And it would be great if I would stop having dreams about diet Coke…



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