Day Three (Real Life and Whole30)

I had to share that picture. I just had too! Miles/Henry is officially ADOPTED and he is officially Jared Allen’s best puppy friend forever. It’s fantastic.

Today was the first day of my Whole30 life meeting intersecting with my real life. And all I can say is OH MY GOD THE MOOD SWINGS HAVE STARTED. This Whole30 Timeline said that the Kill All The Things phase could start around now and boy, has it ever.

The day actually started out great given the fact that I had to completely change my morning routine. I usually down a cup of coffee while getting ready in the morning and eat breakfast an hour or two later at my desk while catching up on email. All of these habits are strictly Whole30-prohibited. Whole30 breakfast/meal one rules:

  1. Eat within an hour of waking. This helps your body’s hormones get into balance. You should be hungry when you wake up due to rising hormone levels (I forgot which hormone. I’m not a damn scientist, after all) and a long night without food. Your hormones should level out as you eat and are active throughout the day before tapering off before bed. This scenario can’t happen if you don’t eat at the right times to send your body the correct signals.
  2. Food, then coffee. UGH. Fine. I’ll give it a shot.
  3. No distractions while you eat. No email, no computer, no tv, etc. There goes my favorite part of my morning.

Meal One

To stick to the rules I ate breakfast at 6:15 this morning which is a real anomaly. Thankfully it was much easier to get down than the past two days which gives me hope. Today’s Meal One was leftover beef from last night over fresh arugula topped with a fried egg and avocado. I added a cup of coffee and banana. Yes, I also thought eating ground beef in the morning would be disgusting but it was actually delicious!

M1 7/15/2014

 Meal Two

First meal at work!  Grilled chicken breast, green pepper strips with sunflower butter and my all-time favorite zucchini salad. This zucchini salad... omg. You must make it immediately. Perfect for Whole30 but also amazing in real life. Just trust me. I tried not to break the rules during lunch but needed to stick around my desk so I took advantage of the time to read. Still doing great at this point in the day.

M2 7/15/2014

…And then the proverbial shit hit the fan.

Around 3:15 I was exhausted and I just didn’t want to see anyone. No apparent reason; it had been a productive, somewhat exciting day at work. But I was starting to feel hungry, and that was just the beginning. By the time I got home I was ravenous and had to snack on some berries. Went to the dog park, and this little Frenchie wouldn’t stop bothering Miles/Henry and the owner was paying zero attention to her dog (PET PEEVE – pun is accidental but I enjoy it so it stays) and I realized there was actual danger that I might smack her with heavy metal part of the leash. Needless to say it was time to leave.

Tim was getting cranky, too. We got home and couldn’t stop arguing about dinner. There was this whole thing about the dishwasher and me using up the last lemon (really, a lemon of all things) and we both realized that the Whole30 was finally starting to take its hold.

Meal Three

We made it through the wave of death stares and actually created one of my favorite meals so far. Shrimp sauteed in ghee, garlic and lemon on top of two avocado halves, steamed (from frozen – so easy) butternut squash and a small arugula salad with balsamic vinegar. The idea actually came from La Parrilla restaurant from last month’s Puerto Rico vacation.

M3 7/15/14

Additional Day Three Thoughts

  • Wow, old habits die hard. After eating lunch I immediately went searching the cube rows for a candy dish. It look me about 15 seconds to realize that oh, I’m not able to eat any after lunch candy. I quickly realized that I didn’t even really WANT any- I’ve just been so hardwired to eat it.
  • Mouthwash is my new friend. So many spices and onion and garlic in all this food. Oh, and no mints or gum are allowed. I apologize to everyone in advance.
  • People keep talking about cupcakes. I’ll leave it at that.

Energy Level: Unusually high in the morning, average afternoon/evening
Mood: Great in the morning followed by a horrible death monster feeling later on
Physical Changes: Just some murderous mood thoughts, nbd.

Some Pretty Great Links

Whole30 Timeline – Obviously. As mentioned above.

17 Struggles You Experience When You First Try To Eat Better – A much needed healthy eating mood lightener.

A Hundred Summers – My current Kindle read. It’s a bit of a fluffy “beach read” but I’m really enjoying it.


2 thoughts on “Day Three (Real Life and Whole30)

  1. Brynn Kampinen

    Thanks for sharing your experiences! Great blog! Keep going on your journey- you’re doing amazing. 🙂



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