Day One (and Puppy Butts)

Before I get started on our first day of the Whole30 I have to share a little bit of news. Last night our newest/third foster dog, Miles, arrived! In case you can’t tell, he is all kinds of adorable flopsy, goofy and sweet. Fostering dogs has been one of the most wonderful, rewarding things I’ve ever done and this pup is no exception.

Could also be easily mistaken for a mop.

Could also be easily mistaken for a mop.

So because life wasn’t crazy enough, Tim and I decided to start our Whole30 the day after getting Miles. I am happy with our decision to start on a Sunday. It’s a day we usually try to eat healthy, avoid alcohol and get prepped for the week. We didn’t do any meal planning in advance but did commit to cooking and eating together today. So, here’s how it went (again, not a food photographer and totally a mediocre cook):

Breakfast… aka “Meal One”

Eggs scrambled with swiss chard and bell peppers, half an avocado, a handful of cherries and a cup of black coffee.

M1 7/13/14


My second experience with chard went much better, thankfully! It’s really hard for me to eat so soon after waking up in the morning, but I was able to get through it. I was pretty hungry when lunch rolled around, so jury’s out.

Lunch… aka “Meal Two”

Cajun-spiced sautéed wild salmon, shrimp, baby spring greens with balsamic vinegar, carrots, a white nectarine and some macadamia nuts.

M2 7/13/14


Eating seafood for lunch was really strange, but I liked it! I felt full all day. I’ve also never eaten a macadamia nut, which is listed as one of the best fat sources for Whole30. Overall, this was pretty decent and completely different from what I’d usually do.

Dinner aka “Meall Three”

Grilled chicken breast, grilled bell peppers and red onion, broccoli florets and almond butter, along with a handful of green grapes.

M3 7/13/14


The grilled chicken and peppers are a staple so it was nice to have something familiar. I’ve got to say I missed our usual bbq sauce and couscous accompaniments… but it was fun trying almond butter. I really liked it!

First Day Thoughts

  1. Dang, we are going through food QUICK. It feels like we are making so much food, but I was told that could happen. In order to stay full and avoid snacking I need to have quite a large food intake. I’m starting to wonder if our food will last us a full week… which means this could get really expensive.
  2. We are spending a lot of time in the kitchen. I have mixed feelings about this aspect. I love to cook and look forward to trying new recipes and taking advantage of underutilized kitchen appliances. But how will we fare on a particularly busy day? I’m a little nervous.
  3. Meal planning = sanity. Today was way too freeform for me… I quickly felt overwhelmed. Making a daily meal plan is usually not my thing but I think it’s going to be key to success for these early weeks as  I adjust. I sat down and planned every meal for the next three days and I feel much less panicked.
  4. I’m probably going to have some major cravings. I found myself daydreaming about Sabastian Joe’s ice cream during dinner. Geeeeeeeeze.

Energy Level: Normal
Mood: Positive and optimistic
Physical Changes: Nothing yet

Overall, I’m looking forward to the next month. A little nervous about food prep time and money but I think we can do it! It will be interesting to see how sustainable this is during the work week. I need to do some additional meal/recipe research to help keep things on track.


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